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October - November 2011The Conquistador Spirit!
Council President:  Mike Kennedy
Council Commissioner:  Mark Gormley

Scout Executive to Retire

Guy Eichsteadt announced his retirement, effective November 1, 2011.  He has been the Scout Executive since February, 2008.

He began his professional Scouting career in March 1972, having been a Scoutmaster for three years prior.  He served on council staffs in Salem, Oregon, Walla Walla, Washington, Portland, Oregon, the National Council, Madison, Wisconsin, and Tokyo, Japan, before coming to the Conquistador Council.

He appreciates the spirit, friendship, and energy of dedicated Scouters across the council.  He believes that the strength of the council is in the district organization.

“A major accomplishment,” he said, “is completing the Joint Venture Agreement.  This joining of two summer camps will provide a better experience for Scouts and help improve the finances of both councils. The lack of adequate funds every year has really hurt this council and the low membership and other resources are the result.”

He believes that the council continues to be on the edge of major success based on meetings with leaders around the council.  The New BSA and the Journey to Excellence have set the bar for units, districts, and councils to measure performance and make improvement.  “Our leaders have the will and the desire to provide better Scouting to boys and their communities.”

“I’ve always wanted to become that old Scout executive who shows up at camp work parties and serves coffee, helps dig a ditch, or pound a nail.  Anything except sit around the porch and talk about the old days,” he said.

He and his wife will remain in the council.

Membership- Danny Fulkerson, VP Membership

77 Cub Scouts were registered during September bringing the total Cub Scout membership to 667, compared to 863 in September 2010.  A “second wind” recruitment effort will be undertaken in October and November.  The goal for this fall is 300 new Cub Scouts, for a total of 1,075 Cub Scouts.

Boy Scout membership is at 402, compared to 414 a year ago.  The goal is 475 Boy Scouts for the year.

Venturing is at 36, compared to 38 last September.  The goal is 50 Venturers for the year.

During the month of September Chisum Trail District added 10 new Cub Scouts and 4 Boy Scouts; Rio Hondo added 23 new Cub Scouts and 3 Boy Scouts; Oil Patch added 11 new Cub Scouts and 1 Boy Scout; El Llano Grande showed their spirit as they added 33 new Cub Scouts and 7 Boy Scouts!

What’s the outcome of reduced membership?  This council’s membership isn’t equal to a good sized district in most other councils and the question about the unit leadership is “Do you have the will” to make Scouting grow?  What are you going to do to invite new members to join?

The council resources (flyers, joining information, training) are available but your unit committee needs to schedule the join up date and make it happen.

Boys are waiting for you to invite them to join!

Recruiter Recognition Patch

Recognition for recruiting a new member or new leader is the new “Journey To Excellence- Guide” patch.  The recruiter is expected to help the new member earn the first rank badge.

“Recruit A Month”:  Unit leadership acts on a plan to recruit one new member each month (a total of 12 new members for the year).  The new member will have a better start in the program with more personal attention from leaders and the parents should become more involved as a   result of a more personal orientation from the unit committee.

W.D. Boyce Unit Organizer Award
Organizer Award: This recognition will be presented to the organizing team: Organizer, Trainer, and Commissioner. The recognition is in the form a uniform knot and certificate. 

Unit Recognition:  A W.D. Boyce  flag streamer and certificate recognizing the unit that assists in organizing a new unit (e.g. a pack organizes a new troop; a troop organizes a new crew).

Finance- Charlie Murphy, VP-Finance

Council Budget: 
September Budget
$642,064 $831,645
$689,339  $821,140
Surplus <Deficit>: 
<$47,275> $10,505

August and September are typically the most “cash poor” months for the council as funding slows down while bills for camp are being paid.  A shortfall of $20,000 is normal and this year is especially tight because of the poor Friends of Scouting support. 

With a goal of $155,000, the Friends of Scouting campaign has brought in only $77,785, about half of the budget need.  The shortfall results in “belt-tightening” once again and cutting services to you and your program.

United Way:  United Way and Combined Federal Campaign time is coming around.  Please volunteer to help with your local United Way, and be a Scouting advocate by speaking up for local Scouting.  Make your Scout program visible by attending United Way activities in uniform.

Combined Federal Campaign #  12792
We recently learned that our council, while a CFC member in Otero County, is not a member in    Curry County.  Scout families participating in CFC can use #12792 if you wish to designate the Conquistador Council for your donation.

Journey To Excellence- Performance Recognition

Journey To Excellence – Unit Objectives
There are thirteen (13) performance categories for packs and troops, and eleven (11) for crews, to earn the Journey To Excellence recognition in 2011.  Units should refer to the categories as they carry out program plans this year.  The final performance measure will made at charte renewal (not year-end).

Your district executive, district chairman, district commissioner, and district advancement chairman can provide data needed at charter renewal time to complete the application for this unit performance award.  You will need information from your recharter date last year compared against your data at this year’s recharter time.

More information about the Performance Recognition can be found on and at district roundtables.

Advancement- Wilbur Jones, VP- Advancement

September, 2011The following units have reported no (0) adancement for six months:

Rio Hondo:    Troops 2, 65 Packs 25, 316
Chisum Trail: Troops 208 Packs
Oil Patch:      Packs
El Llano Grande:   Troops 5, 422  Packs 5, 406

The goal:  Every Cub Scout/ Boy Scout advances one rank during the year, with awards presented monthly at pack activities and quarterly at troop courts of honor.

Journey To Excellence- Community Service Hours
You can now enter your community service hours (hours multiplied by number of participants) online.  Check out!  This is important to your unit to meet the Journey To Excellence performance criteria.  No hours, no score!

Camping- Vacant

Joint Venture Camp Operation
Conquistador Council and Yucca Council have finalized the merger two camp operations and are entering into a new world of summer camp operation.  Only two other Boy Scout councils operate joint-venture camps.

The outcome for campers is better program, a greater pool for camp staff selection, new program ideas.  For the council the outcome will be a financially sustainable camp operation which will free up funds to provide field service instead of subsidizing the camp operation.

Camp Use Fee Increases- Off-Season
The Joint Venture Agreement increases the use fee for Wehinahapy to $10 per person during the off-season.  This fee will not apply to service weekends, such as Scouter Work Parties and Order of the Arrow Ordeals (but will apply to O-A Fellowship).

Wehinahpay Fee To Increase
A major fee increase for Wehinahpay will be considered by the Joint-Venture Camp Committee.  The increase is necessary to provide funding for the total camp operation as well as the new costs associated with the swimming pool.

Pool Update
The concrete pad has been poured and the building will be erected this fall.  The pool, still awaiting permits from the state, will be installed next spring.

Dowling Update
Dowling will be operating next summer and the council is seeking staff applicants, especially an aquatics director and a camp director.

A small fee increase is anticipated.  Final construction on the dining facility, including air conditioning, is expected to be completed this fall.
New Outdoor Awards
The National Outdoor Challenge (No. 430-016) is a unit award that recognizes troops/teams that maintain or increase the amount of outdoor activity when compared to the previous year. The information and application is available here: .
The National Camping Award has been discontinued.

The National Outdoor Achievement Award (No. 430-509) recognizes Boy Scouts/Varsity Scouts that excel in outdoor participation.

National Medal for Outdoor Achievement is for Boy Scouts. This challenging award requires   

National Eagle Scout Association
The fee for the National Eagle Scout Association will be $35 for five-year membership, effective July 1, 2011.

Alumni Award
The Alumni Award may be earned by all Scouting alumni.  The requirements can be found at  Recognition items include a square knot and distinctive lapel pin.

National Boy Scout Jamboree 2013


Location: “The Summit:”  The new BSA national high
adventure site located in West Vriginia.

Date: July 15-24, 2013

Leadership for the contingent has not been found and the council will cancel its  contingent and tour.

Scouts interested in attending the National Jamboree will be directed to other councils.

Information about the National Boy Scout Jamboree can be found on the web at  Look for the link to the National Jamboree.  On line registration information is also located at that site.

Contact: 575-622-3461 or  A United Way Agency