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Conquistador Council News
August- September 2011The Conquistador Spirit!
Council President:  Mike Kennedy
Council Commissioner:  Mark Gormley

Membership- Danny Fulkerson, VP Membership

Cub Scout New Member “Launch”

The council has ordered 300 Estes model rockets to be used for a new Cub Scout activity this fall. 

Each district will have 75 of the kits and will schedule a mid-October launch event for new Cub Scouts.  The event is intended to provide new members with an exciting activity soon after joining.

There are no additional kits available.


District Coordinated Join Up Plan

District leaders will coordinate community join up nights to take advantage of  a single date for flyers, media information, church bulletins, and other information distribution sources.  Leader kits will be distributed at the August district kickoff.

Membership Growth Goals

Jun. Actual  
Dec. Goal
Chisum Trail    Greg Sahd    267 465 -198   
El Llano Grande  James Burns  282  390  -108
Oil Patch    Robert Bensing 167    325 -158
Rio Hondo  Vacant   252  445 -193
Council Total   Danny Fulkerson 968 1,600  -730

Recruiter Recognition Patch

Recognition for recruiting a new member or new leader is the new “Journey To Excellence- Guide” patch.  The recruiter is expected to help the new member earn the first rank badge.

“Recruit A Month”:  Unit leadership acts on a plan to recruit one new member each month (a      total of 12 new members for the year).  The new member will have a better start in the program with more personal attention from leaders and the parents should become more involved as a   result of a more personal orientation from the unit committee.

Religious Emblems Emphasis:  To strengthen the partnership in the community, an emphasis is   being placed on the religious emblems that are available to Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Venturers.  The religious emblems are not part of the BSA and are developed by each denomination.  Information will be provided at monthly roundtables and training events.

W.D. Boyce Unit Organizer Award
Organizer Award: This recognition will be presented to the organizing team:  Organizer, Trainer, and Commissioner.  The recognition is in the form a uniform knot and certificate. 

Unit Recognition:  A W.D. Boyce  flag streamer and certificate recognizing the unit that assists in organizing a new unit (e.g. a pack organizes a new troop; a troop organizes a new crew).

High School age- Venturing and  Exploring
These two programs are valuable older youth programs (age 14-20, co-ed) and you can make a big difference by helping to organize a crew in your church or a post in your service club or business.

“Dare To Be A Boy Scout” “I dare you to be a Scout.”  Or, for the parents, “Does your son have what it takes to be a Scout?” As a leader, are you up to the challenge of recruiting new members?  Take the dare!

Finance- Charlie Murphy, VP-Finance

Friends of Scouting- June 30, 2011


Chisum Trail  
Greg Sahd 
El Llano Grande
James Burns
Oil Patch
Robert Bensing
Rio Hondo  
Council Total 
Charlie Murphy

Family Campaign:   With a goal of $37,715, to be raised from 700 families, the Family Campaign has raised $9,500.  This is the difference between being able to provide full field service and camping facilities or deep budget-cutting.  There is still time for your families to become a      Friend of Scouting.

United Way:  United Way and Combined Federal Campaign time is coming around.  Please volunteer to help with your local United Way, and be a Scouting advocate by speaking up for local Scouting.  Make your Scout program visible by attending United Way activities in uniform.

Combined Federal Campaign #  12792
We recently learned that our council, while a CFC member in Otero County, is not a member in Curry County.  Scout families participating in CFC can use #12792 if you wish to designate the Conquistador Council for your donation.

Fall Popcorn Sale

Appoint your “kernels”—one for sales and one for distribution.

Attend the kickoff event in your district.

Place your orders (product and prizes) on time.

Distribute, collect, and make payment on time.

Enjoy the exciting program your Scouts have planned and funded without taking more money from parents.

Expectation:  That all units will participate in at least one day of “Show and Sell.”

More information will be distributed at August sales kickoff in your district.

James West Fellowship- A Gift For Scouting’s Future
A recognition for a permnanently endowed gift of $1,000 or more.Contributions are often made by Scouters, parents, grandparents, companies, service organizations to recognize Eagle Scouts or outstanding leaders. Recognition is in a framed certificate and a uniform knot.

For an application and information, contact your district chairman, district executive, or the service center (575-622-3461).

Journey To Excellence- Performance Recognition

Journey To Excellence – Unit Objectives
There are thirteen (13) performance categories for packs and troops, and eleven (11) for crews, to earn the Journey To Excellence recognition in 2011.  Units should refer to the categories as they carry out program plans this year.  The final performance measure will made at charter          renewal (not year-end).

The Pack andTroop categories are:  Advancement, Retention, Building Membership, Outdoor Activities (Cub Scouts), Trained Leadership, Short-term Camping (Boy Scout), Day Camping (Cub Scout), Long-term Camping (Boy Scout), Patrol Method (Boy Scout), Service Projects, Webelos to Scout Transition, Budget, Courts of Honor/Parent Meeting (Boy Scout), Pack and Den Meetings (Cub Scout), Reregister on-time, Annual Assessment.

More information about the Performance Recognition can be found on and at district roundtables.

Advancement- Wilbur Jones, VP- Advancement

June, 2011      The following units have reported no (0) adancement for six months:

Rio Hondo:    Troops 2, 17, 19, 59, 65, 145, 316  Packs 25, 145, 316
Chisum Trail: Troops 208, 270  Packs
Oil Patch:    Troops 89, 393    Packs
El Llano Grande:   Troops 5, 128, 226, 405, 422  Packs 5, 226, 406

What’s the point of doing the work if the adults don’t present the awards in a timely and meaningful ceremony?  Why should parents be involved if their son is disapponted by the leaders?

Every new Cub Scout should earn his Bobcat in the first 60 days, and every Boy Scout should advance at least one rank each year. 

Poor program and lack of recognition, timely and meaningful, is one of the major reasons boys (and parents) leave Scouting.

Journey To Excellence- Community Service Hours
You can now enter your community service hours (hours multiplied by number of participants) on line.  Check out!  This is important to your unit to meet the Journey To Excellence performance criteria.  No hours, no score!

Camping- Steve Massey, VP- Camping

Camp Strategic Plan
Steve Massey will lead a group of Scouters in developing a camp strategic plan for Wehinahpay, Dowling, and Camp Jim Murray.  The plan will include program use, maintenance, and fundraising for annual maintenance and capital projects.

Planning for Wehinahpay will include the Yucca Council.

If you are interested in participating in the planning process you can contact Steve Massey through the council service center (575-622-3461).

Norovirus at Wehinahapay
Merging two camp operations and high fire danger challenged everyone for this summer season, but having a virus brought into camp by staff members was a truly unexpected and unpleasant experience. 

The health department was notified early and provided guidance followed by the camp administration and a later inspection by health department officials showed that the virus was not in the food service or water supply, and that the camp leaders effectively followed sanitizing directions.

While the virus made a week at camp less adventuresome, Scouts and leaders from New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma, enjoyed the mountain setting and adventuresome program provided by an excellent staff.

New Outdoor Awards
The National Outdoor Challenge (No. 430-016) is a unit award that recognizes troops/teams that maintain or increase the amount of outdoor activity when compared to the previous year. The information and application is available here: .
The National Camping Award has been discontinued.

The National Outdoor Achievement Award (No. 430-509) recognizes Boy Scouts/Varsity Scouts that excel in outdoor participation.

National Medal for Outdoor Achievement is for Boy Scouts. This challenging award requires   

National Eagle Scout Association
The fee for the National Eagle Scout Association will be $35 for five-year membership, effective July 1, 2011.

Alumni Award
The Alumni Award may be earned by all Scouting alumni.  The requirements can be found at  Recognition items include a square knot and distinctive lapel pin.

National Boy Scout Jamboree 2013

Location: “The Summit:”  The new BSA national high adventure site located in West Vriginia.

Date: July 15-24, 2013

The Jamboree troop is 40 Boy Scouts and 4 adults.  One adult must be 21-25 years of age.

The estimated total fee for this National Jamboree is $3,800.00 per person

The fee includes the following:

  • National Jamboree fee
  • Historic tour (DC, Gettysburg, etc)
  • Meals during tour
  • Air fare
  • Troop equipment
  • Equipment transportation
  • Jamboree personal uniform items
  • Pre-Jamboree planning and shakedown

The national fee provides Jamboree event, food, insurance, tent, cot, dining shelter, stove, fuel, cooking utensils.

Payment schedule per person:

March 1, 2012= $150
August 31, 2012=   $910
November 30, 2012=     $910
January 30, 2013=   $910
March 31, 2013=   $910

Money-earning opportunity:  Popcorn sale (2011, 2012), nut sale (2012-2013)

It would be very helpful to have a representative from each troop on the Jamboree planning/ promotion committee.

This committee is responsible for promoting the Jamboree to Scouts, with selecting contingent adult leaders, planning local money-earning opportunities for Scouts, arranging air travel and transportation of troop equipment to the Jamboree site.

A council committee will select Jamboree leadership (3 adults over 31, one adult 18 yrs.)  Interested applicants can send information to the council service center (, subject line: Jamboree Leader).

Jamboree application:
Council: or 575-6223461

A United Way Agency